Guy Fawkes Greylight
Approx. 18 years
Light Grey med build , Stockhorse type 15hh 
Greylight is our original breeding stallion and was considered by us to be a fine example of the Guy Fawkes breed. He produced his first crop of foals, in Spring /early Summer 2006.  
Guy Fawkes Stockman
Approx 18 years  14.3 hh Fabulous Solid build
Rich Burgundy Bay with black points   
Guy Fawkes  Major
Approx. 15 years  14.3 hh Great Solid build
Golden Buckskin/Pinto with dark forelock and blonde mane and tail, Proven colour producer with amazing temperament passed onto his foals
New Stallions
Guy Fawkes STB Dante  
Rising 9yrs  14.2hh fine/med build - Cremello
Wirraway Park Fantom
Rising 8yrs 14.2hh med/solid build - Cremello 
Wirraway Park Magic Trace (TB)
TB black stallion  10yrs 16hh fine/med build, breeding the first Part-Bred GF horses on WP. 
Our Stallions are not currently at stud to outside mares.
Natural Service available, only to purchases of fillies from Wirraway Park.
Our Stallions
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