About Us,
Wirraway Park has been mainly a cattle property for over fifty years, here in the Central West of NSW.
We have always had horses but had not considered breeding them until 15 years ago.

Upon purchasing an Arab stallion and Quarterhorse and Thoroughbred mares, we set out to learn a lot about breeding Arab derivatives horses.

 A few years went by, when we started to hear about the plight of the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horses or Brumbies, as most people call them.

The end result is now Wirraway Park Heritage Horses.
We currently have a limited number of mixed ages for sale.

Please feel free to contact us, even if it is just for a visit, but you will probably want to take one home! 
These horses arrived on our property in Carcoar, NSW with no prior handling, other than being herded through yards so as they could be assessed for age and health status and also branded. All original foundation stock from the park will carry the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse brand. All horses now  born here at Wirraway Park will carry our brand, TWP, but are also registered Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse's.
These horses have great confirmation, very tough hooves and great temperaments. They vary in height from 13hh to 15hh with some reaching 16hh! They come in a variety of colours. They are soft and quiet just waiting  for someone special to love them. 

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