Just some of our lovely horses that have been sold. 
GF Astron to Orange NSW with GF Amber.
GF Marika a bay mare to Blayney, NSW.
GF Aisha a bay mare is happily in Orange NSW.
WP Bree very happy near Blayney. WP Annie to Canberra
WP Chanel and WP Cinders both grey fillies to Victoria.
GF Chelsea, buckskin filly happy near Melbourne.
GF Dashka buckskin filly to Kurrajong near Sydney.
WP Elton a pali/pinto colt to Victoria. He joins WP Buster.
WP Fleur is happily settled in Orange with big sister WP Eavie.
WP Calypso is happy in his new home near Tamworth.
WP Chloe future endurance in Port Mcquarie
WP Eden palomino filly going to Rylstone.
WP Monty future endurance in Wagga Wagga. 
WP Ace very happy in Mudgee      WP Elka going to Lithgow
GF Milly to Dubbo                         WP Escher to Victoria
WP Elvis to Sydney                        WP Palli to Stuart Town
GF Picasso to Young to continue standing at stud with GF Roma
and WP Hushka and WP Florino. Also lovely WP Ishka.
WP Gracie & WP Gerry to Young.
WP Eureka,WP Dusty,WP Goldie,GF Lawson,GF Bartok-Yass
WP Inca to new family in Oberon.
WP Feenix & WP Ginter to Mudgee.
WP Jahi, Buckskin colt to Vic. as a future stud!
​GF Picasso Buckskin Stallion to New GF Stud in Young NSW
​Many horses to Qld to their new life and Dubbo, Canberra and Vic. in 2017.

Sold Horses
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