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Haven and Breeding Stud for the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse. We are dedicated to preserving their bloodlines and hope to be a part of securing their future. 
Their forebears having served on World War battlefields carrying our servicemen to safety and over any terrain asked of them.They are decsendants of the Waler and also have a very strong Arabian line in their genetics.  
Having been aware of the plight of these horses since the terrible culling by air in 2000 my heart went out to them and I wished to help save this truly Australian breed of horse from extinction.Wirraway Park Heritage Horses became a reality. 
Wirraway Park has been established for over 15 years as a horse stud.  In june 2005, we set about  purchasing a number of these heroic horses from a holding station in Ebor NSW,  only days after they had been captured / rescued from the Guy Fawkes National Park, NSW. The original foundation stock can be viewed, as well as the stock for sale. We have six stallions at stud which ensure us with a genetic pool to choose from for future breeding stock. Although no longer in the wild they still have their wild parents. This ensures they still retain some natural bush savvy.Now anyone can become a proud owner of a rare,  truly Australian  Heritage Horse, a Waler and help have a part in shaping their future. 
We also have a black TB stallion who will produce our first cross breds.
All horses for sale come with a certificate of registration veryfying their authenticity, and some can be registered in other societies too. A living piece of Australian history can now be yours.
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